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Not an exact match, but would be very instructive. Are you the publisher, manufacturer, artist, or author of this item? In addition, batch scanning increases productivity by scanning more than one image in a single pass. Umax only provide Windows XP drivers and installing them on Windows 7 stops the system starting up. Thanks so much for posting this! I have sent the link to the various email addresses, for those who need it, I have uploaded the files via:. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner

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Umax PowerLook 2100XL Pro Flatbed Scanner

Fujitsu fi Document Scanner I would upload an archive of the files but UMAX might not appreciate my assistance in making their ancient software Windows 7 compatible…. If it was the SCSI, what card did you use?

Which Windows 7 system did you do this on; x86 or x64? It is highly recommended to find the working instance and disable the non-w orking instances in Windows Device Manager. Any other questions feel free to contact me.

So am powerloko to ask if there is anyone out there who still has the knowledge to help get a scsi PowerlookXL to transfer from XP to Win 7.

The XL is a great scanner, albeit slow, that allows me to do two pages at a time. Usually the MagicScan scanner test has to be run on the working instance once before the scanning software works properly. I am under the impression that the issue is lack of driver support for the adaptec cards in Windows 7. Compared to the Mustek tabloid size model, the scans are a thousand times better and clearer than the Mustek. With auto-detect slide holders, the PowerLook XL can crop and scan slides automatically for super fast scans.

New Drivers  PCI VEN 1102&DEV 0002&CC 0401 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

It has been a very long time since the last posting.

To put it into context, this design and model is still in production today with the exception of the new version having the USB interface. I am unhappy that it does not come with a scsi card which is required to make it work Umax only provide Windows XP drivers and installing them on Windows 7 stops the system starting up.

I noticed that after installing the MagicScan normally all the files listed in the uninstall. I have a Powerlook III. Only one of the instances work properly. The application program was copied scei the same way and I simply set up a shortcut on the start menu pointing to the program file.

For something safe, fast, and reliable you can always trust a yote. It can be done even simpler, I just made a Powerlook working under Win 7 following your method thanks for posting it, by the way.

UMAX PowerLook XL Specs – CNET

Scan quality is comparable to the Microtek ScanMaker XL without the high price also, Microtek has decided to bail out of the scanner business so there is no telling how long it will be before they no longer provide support for it.


Was that the issue? Not your average lightweight bargain scanner. Thanks so much for posting this! Ho about share this priceless info with the rest of us? Never Mind, i went to the uninstall. I had an interesting challenge at work a few weeks ago.

UMAX PowerLook XL – flatbed scanner – desktop – SCSI Overview – CNET

I plan on trying Vuescan to run the scanner in Windows 7. Looking for a quality scanner that xcsi scan anything from a 35mm negative or slide up to a 12″X17″ banner or diagram? I always used the bit versions of Windows, so I cannot comment if the scanner works under the bit versions of Windows. However, it takes some effort to get it installed correctly on the newer versions of Windows operating systems XP, Vista, 7.

I went from xp to windows 7.