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It’ll boot from a floppy just fine if present, but nothing from the hard drive. Power consumption and electronic noise are also improved upon advancing to Serial ATA. Hey D – You got it. Mon Mar 06, Well, I support Intel where I can.

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Techware Labs – Reviews – Silicon Image Serial ATA Sil Controller

You’re assuming that drive-to-drive copying of significant size causes the problem. I guess my point was that you seemed to like Intel an awful lot and simultaneously denounce NForce chipsets in the same sentence.

Anyone who uses linux and is considering SATA controllers will no have to worry about hours spent hunting on the web and recompiling drivers in vain.

When I try to enter the setup utility for the card, it doesn’t recognize any sata drives plugged into it. The card itself is only a 2-port. After formatting with format C: But I don’t think either of us know conclusively.

Still haven’t found an updated bios for the motherboard so not sure if that would help. This card worked, as in the first one I bought that is – second identical one did not its bios saga the found drive info, then regular POST boot process finished normally but as if there were no drive – i.


But I’m guessing they don’t really care. However, on reboot, it just hung at the point where the boot drive would start The lines happen with the SATA controller regardless of the codec.

I redid the partition at 30gb like Mau suggested. This card did not work for me, but for someone else on Vogons it apparantly did: As for your current card, the bios upgrade suggestion might help, though never tried this myself.

Users browsing this forum: Thanks for the help! The chip is the A 3112q version 1. The motherboard is an Acer v Have you siljcon putting the capture card in a different slot?

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Now I just need to figure out how to partition this thing with Mau’s super fdisk steps and I should be good. I’m still testing this machine. The machine can’t boot from CD so I’ll find a work around.

I buffer these 30MB MP3s completely to memory all in one shot rather than read them piecemeal while the song is played back If it copies more than a few bytes, it causes problems with the capture. Installation was a breeze.


That reminds me — the heatsink originally came with a set of plastic screws which are on there now and a set of metal screws along with some plastic washers. It sounds like the problem is a sort of PCI bus contention. Saa Mar 06, 8: Throw enough money at inage problem i,age eventually it will fix itself. There’s definitely a reason why you have such great feedback on Beerology!!! Documentation is available on the Silicon Image website, but as the card has not yet officially begun shipping for retail consumption, how the manuals will look and feel is at the moment unknown.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Can anyone run me through some steps to try and get this card to recognize drives that I may have overlooked?

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