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Thank you for posting…. You solved the long problem with my XPS 15Z. This worked like a charm in Windows 7 pro. I have absolutely no clue what to look at. This site uses cookies. I downloaded another file that looked the same, from http:

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I really want to give Windows 8 a chance here to work for me! I downloaded another file that looked the same, from http: Downloaded the new driver as well and it worked for me too! They basically rout all your web traffic through them and I thought it might have been interfering. Disable or uninstall the Centrinoand my wireless dongle came to life.

The link takes you to the old xps15 sure wish dell could have come up with a better release name to help clarify it. I am trying to follow this solution, which sounds great.

This site uses cookies. Intel Drivers I came across a forum suggesting that the Intel drivers rather than those from Dell would solve the l502. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have the dell Lx but the wireless adapter is listed as intel Centrino Wireless N I keep contacting dell and hope for a better fix.


Does the link you provided also work for that or should I search for a specific one? I tried out the main suggested solution which was to configure the wireless adapter settings in the power options in Windows 7.

Dell XPS 15 L502x Wireless WiFi Card 633ANHMW

So far it seems stable after months of dealing with this. Thrilled, especially since I have a conference tomorrow and must have wireless access! I just installed the new driver over the existing one.

I try install the driver My old laptop next to it get to like 18 Mbps while it only have like 4 Mbps. So just use Linux as the operating system and I want to know if anyone has used this computer with this operating system and how works the wireless. Personally windows is too bad. I discovered that if the WLAN card was installed when I tried to use my wireless dongle, neither would work.

Does the above mentioned driver download link actually solve the problem incase even my laptop comes with this defect?


Kindly guide me whether or not I should buy it. Getting double the speed I was getting pre installing this! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Search for delll specific driver.

Update — 8th Oct You could also re-install your machine with Windows 8! None of them worked.

Does anyone has used this computer with linux? You are commenting using your Twitter account. But im disappointed with the wifi issues every one has had with this model. I recently bought a new Dell XPS 15 laptop. Notify me of new comments via email. I edll have headache about my Dell.